Treatments for Menopause

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Every menopause journey is unique. We already know that fluctuating estrogen levels cause some symptoms, but other, lesser known, hormones, such as inhibin, can also cause discomfort. Unless you're the rare woman who breezes through it, it's worth tackling symptoms sooner.

Whatever the case, you can share what's happening with your menopausal symptoms freely. That's the best way for us to make you feel your best. Start here to see what possible treatments might help you, then let's talk.

Treatments We Provide

Diet and Nutrition Support

Menopausal symptoms can sometimes be improved if you can limit the caffeine, sugar, alcohol and saturated fat in your diet.

Exercise and Meditation

Regular exercise will help you better manage menopause. For many women, five minutes of daily meditation or deep breathing can mean fewer symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone supplementation can be very effective in low doses. Your health care provider will often change the dosage, depending on your changing needs.