Cord Blood Banking

Want to be a part of providing a lifesaving resource called cord blood? Treating over 80 diseases, stem cells in cord blood can be preserved from umbilical cords and placentas immediately after a baby's birth. Our goal is to make it easy for you to donate cord blood or save it for your family.

Cord blood transplants are an alternative to bone marrow transplants. Collecting bone marrow can involve minor surgery and risks for both the recipient and the donor. In contrast, there are no risks or pain for you or your baby. Collecting cord blood does not interfere with or change your birth process. It does take some planning, though, usually early in your second trimester.

Cord Blood Donation
We’re proud to collaborate with Michigan Blood (one of just 16 public cord blood banks in the U.S.) to provide our community with this lifesaving resource. To donate, Michigan Blood will send a free kit to you. You take it with you when it's time to deliver your baby. We return it to Michigan Blood. You may have just saved a life.

Family Banking
Cord blood can be saved for your baby or family members. Private labs send a kit to take with you to the hospital. We’ll prepare the package when your baby is born. You then take it home with you and arrange with your chosen lab for pickup. Private labs charge a fee for collection along with annual storage fees.

Save for a Sibling
If a biological sibling has a disease that is now being treated with cord blood, parents can save their baby’s cord blood for that sibling. Some families qualify for this service free of charge. Your Ob/Gyn can work with you to determine if there would be costs for this service for your family.