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Below, you’ll find a complete list of services and treatments offered by Spectrum Health, listed in alphabetical order. You can also type the specific disease or illness in the search bar below to find services for that condition.

Medical services for Fractures are organized alphabetically

    MRI, iMRI

    There are a variety of medicines to help control unusual movements and muscle-related changes, whether for getting around or for motor skills and controlling body functions.

    Occupational Therapy

    When you've been injured on the job, Spectrum Health offers a full range of occupational health services. We'll help you work through your recovery, and we can assist with navigating Michigan's worker's compensation system as well.


    Spectrum Health offers the most comprehensive program in the region for rehabilitation and sports medicine with a highly trained professional staff of physicians and other medical experts

    Speech Language Therapy

    Our speech language pathologists and speech therapists can greatly improve your ability to speak clearly, and help you better understand what others are saying. We can also help with the feeding and swallowing issues so common in little ones and the elderly.

    Sports Medicine Program

    Our Sports Injuries Program offers sport-specific training and reconditioning for weekend warriors and athletes alike. From evaluation to treatment to tips on preventing injuries, we'll get you back in the game faster.