Preparing for Surgery Presentations

Unable to Attend Class?

It is important to know how to best prepare for your surgery, what to expect during your hospitalization and how to best recover. We recommend to try and come two to four weeks before surgery and bring your helper. 

The presentation usually takes 5-10 minutes to open, but on slower computers can take up to 30 minutes, so we ask to please be patient. Once the powerpoint opens:

  1. Select slide show at the top of the screen and then select play from the beginning (top left). 
  2. Make sure that you have the sound turned up on your computer. 
  3. Have your patient handbook in front of you as I will refer to it during class. 

If you need a handbook or have any questions, please call me at 616.774.7950 and select option two. Choose the appropriate presentation based on your surgery.

To start the hip replacement presentation, click here.

To start the knee replacement presentation, click here.

To start the spine surgery presentation, click here.

To start the cervical fusion presentation, click here.