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Breathing Support for Children

About Our Service

If your baby is a preemie or has a health condition that affects breathing, going home with your baby can be nerve-wracking. Join the many West Michigan parents who get the support they need through our children's lung and breathing specialists. 

We can help you become pros at using home ventilators and oxygen therapy for preemies. We offer respiratory therapy for children with lung diseases and cystic fibrosis. And for babies and children with sleep apnea, we are home to West Michigan's only sleep program for kids. Let's work together, you, your child's pediatrician and our experts, to help all of you breathe easier.

Features of Breathing Support for Children

Assistance with Using a Therapy Vest

We can help your older child learn to use a therapy vest, which uses a generator to cause rapid vibrations that stimulate release of mucus in the lungs.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is delivered to your preemie in the NICU and at home, to help your baby grow and develop normally, and avoid further respiratory problems.

Physical Therapy

Our experienced therapists can strengthen your baby's muscles to help with breathing and to clear mucus from the lungs.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehab can improve your child's breathing, relieve lung congestion and help with chronic breathing problems.

Respiratory Therapy

Our services include breathing exercises to rid the lungs of excess mucus, as well as breathing treatments to deliver medicine and add moisture to the lungs.

Sleep Disorders Assistance

As the only regional pediatric sleep program, we partner with the Sleep Disorders Center of West Michigan. We can help improve your child’s sleep through effective diagnosis and treatment.

Ventilators for Home Use

If your child has a spinal injury or severe lung disease, or your baby was born premature, an at-home ventilator may be needed to support their breathing.

Breathing Devices

Bronchodilators and other breathing devices, including ventilators for home use, may be needed to help your child breathe easier.

Breathing Treatments for Premature Babies

Premature babies may have breathing problems because their lungs are not fully developed. We offer steroid shots to pregnant mothers who are likely to deliver early, to help with lung development. We also offer breathing support and treatment to premature babies after birth.