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Acute Rehab

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Why Choose Spectrum Health?

Spectrum Health is the only West Michigan health system that provides a full continuum of care covering your entire recovery journey.  From the moment you enter our award-winning health care system, your medical care will be comprehensive and consistent from beginning to end.

Spectrum Health also has the largest rehabilitation program in the region.  Every day our 600+ specialized rehabilitation team members work with over 1,500 patients at more than 60 locations. We treat a wide range  of conditions, from common injuries to medically complex conditions, across multiple settings. Spectrum Health Rehabiliation delivers results that are competitive with regional and national providers.  Our clinical expertise and commitment to quality care are evident in our voluntary participation in accreditation through several prestigious accrediting organization in the country.

An Exceptional Patient Experience is Our Goal

With a commitment to continuous improvement of services, patient experience is one of our top priorities.

Inpatient Acute  

"A Second Chance at Life"

Survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury, Miguel Gutierrez tells about his miraculous recovery with the help of the mutidisciplinary team at the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at Blodgett Hospital.

Meet The Team

Health Beat

  • Up and Walking

    'Up and walking'

    After a year of diminished mobility, Troy Hodge is on the move again, thanks to an early post-op prosthetic device.

  • Collapsed like Jell-O

    'I collapsed like Jell-O'

    Paralyzed by Guillain-Barré syndrome, Rich Toole found his way back to mobility through intense physical therapy and unyielding positively.