Staying Well & Prevention

While we are here to care for you when you are sick, we prefer to help you be healthy and well. Periodic check ups, screenings and immunizations are some of the tools that help us help you stay well or address problems before they become major issues.

Many may think they only need to see their primary care physician if they’re sick, or for an annual physical. Harland Holman, MD, a family medicine physician with Spectrum Health Medical Group, discusses how your primary care physician can also help with screening and preventive care.


Screenings can help identify a problem before you know you have one. While we offer many types of screenings, your primary care physician will be your guide about which to have and when to have it.


Also known as vaccinations or 'shots', immunizations are an important way to strengthen your body's defenses against disease. Immunizations help you and those around you stay well.