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Advanced Primary Care

Advanced Primary Care

Having complex health needs often means more of everything: more doctor’s appointments, more prescriptions and more things to worry about. Sometimes you need more care, and that’s ok. Our care team is here to give you more with services that are just for you.

If you’re 64 or older, and managing multiple health issues every day – like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or COPD – call Advanced Primary Care. Our practice is made especially for you, with more of everything you need in one spot.

Advanced Primary Care 

You have more choices

We can see you in our office or virtually, on your smart device. And, you can see your doctor right away. Same-day appointments are available, and walk ins are always welcome. In some cases, we are also able to see you in your home. We also offer 24/7 patient support and prescription services.


Yes, if you’re 64 or older and could use more help to manage multiple health issues (like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, COPD or other health issues often referred to as chronic conditions), Advanced Primary Care is right for you. From medication management, health coaching, on-site services and more, you can feel better knowing you’re surrounded with extra care and a team that knows your needs.

Our pharmacist closely partners with our Advanced Primary Care providers and is skilled in chronic disease management. Our pharmacist can help review and optimize your prescriptions, answer your medication questions, make sure you’re taking your medications correctly. They can also help you find financial assistance if you need it for expensive medications.

If you have other specialists you see on a regular basis, like a heart doctor or cancer doctor, you can keep seeing them. We’ll connect with them to make sure your care is coordinated.

The easiest way to become a patient is to call us. We’ll connect with your current primary care provider or your care manager, if you have one, and work through any other details with your insurance to make becoming a patient as easy as possible.

The easiest way to sign up a family member is to give us a call. We’ll ask you some questions, talk through your family member’s situation and determine the next best steps for you and your family member.

If you are 64+ and have three or more health issues (chronic conditions) that you manage daily, call us and we’ll talk through your options and insurance plan.

Our Medical Assistant Health Coaches help personalize your Advanced Primary Care experience and provide additional support you may need. That may include helping you schedule appointments and find transportation, connecting you with our on-site pharmacist, and helping you navigate and understand your insurance and benefits.

If you live in Kent County, our team can help find and coordinate transportation for you through resources available within the community.