Treatments for Shoulder Dislocation

Your Treatment Begins Here

Dislocating a shoulder needs no description. In the unfortunate event this happens to you, we hope you'll come straight here to Spectrum Health. Our nationally-recognized and experienced orthopedic specialists will do everything they can to ease your pain.

We assess your immediate care, and then we look at the long term. We ask questions to learn more about the right treatment for you. We'll check for underlying damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments that could cause trouble later. Then, from simple splints to traction or minimally-invasive surgery, our treatment will get you healing.

Treatments We Provide

Anti-inflammatory Medicine

Anti-inflammatory medicines, such as ibuprofen or naproxin (like Motrin(R) or Aleve(R)) control pain and swelling. Even though you can buy them at the store, your doctor may also prescribe a stronger dose.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder joint replacement surgery can improve your quality of life and restore use of your arm and shoulder. Seeing an orthopedic expert early may help you regain strength and comfort without shoulder replacement.

Physical Therapy

Often physical therapy is part of your post-surgery recovery plan. However, physical therapy is used to prevent and relieve pain from many conditions, whether neurological or sports-related. Work with our physical therapists to restore strength and your healthy lifestyle.

Orthopedic Devices

To stabilize your joint, your doctor may require you to use a splint, sling or brace. This helps keep it still so it can heal, and limits the pain that comes with moving.