Treatments for ACL Tear

Your Treatment Begins Here

The first treatment for a torn anterior cruciate ligament is to stop bearing weight on your knee. Then, contact an orthopedic expert right away. Depending on the severity of your tear, we may be able to help you avoid reconstructive surgery. There are other therapies you may be able to try first. Ice your knee and rest, but don't let this one go untreated.

If you do need surgery, don't worry. Our techniques and specialists are some of the most experienced orthopedic surgeons this side of the state. Get started by familiarizing yourself with treatments for ACL tears here.

Treatments We Provide

MRI Diagnostics

By taking a series of images using magnetic resonance imaging (or a simple X-ray in some cases), your orthopedic doctor can see the exact location and the extent of any damage. 

Orthopedic Devices 

Modifying your shoe with an insert or wedge can help elevate your heel to reduce pain and strain.

Reconstruction Surgery

ACL reconstruction surgery creates a new ligament using a graft from your existing tissue or from a donor. It improves full range of rotation and forward movements of the knee. Sometimes, this can be done with a minimally invasive technique.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can give you a routine that strengthens the knee and the surrounding muscles, too. This balances the stress to the anterior cruciate ligament, to reduce chances of future ACL problems.