Treatments for Hip Fracture

Your Treatment Begins Here

We want you to continue to be involved in the activities you enjoy, but a hip fracture may limit you. Our orthopedic hip specialists will work to restore your flexibility and hip function. Your treatment depends on the extent of your injury, overall health and your preference. Surgical options are minimally invasive, getting you on the road to recovery faster. Get a better understanding of treatment options available by reviewing the treatments below.

Treatments We Provide

Hip Arthroscopy

With two or three small incisions (so small they're the size of a needle pin) in the hip, your doctor repairs or cleans damaged cartilage. This minimally invasive procedure improves stability and pain.

Geriatric Fracture Program

At Spectrum Health, we offer greater possibilities to our older adult patients by providing specialized care for bone fractures.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

We have three levels of inpatient rehabilitation: acute, subacute and our Special Care Hospital. Our expert team will guide you to the appropriate level of care based on your rehabilitation needs.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered in a variety of settings and locations to ensure you receive the best treatment options available. Conditions we treat range from sports-related injuries and post-surgical conditions to general sprains and strains from everyday living.