Treatments for Elbow Dislocation

Your Treatment Begins Here

Whether you choose a non invasive or surgical approach, it's good to explore all options. Elbow dislocation or instability can vary. How we treat you may change based on your lifestyle or how severe or persistent it is. 

For every case, simple to complex, we've got the resources you need. Our experienced non-surgical and surgical staff work together as a team with you for the best results. From physical therapy and medication to orthopedic devices and surgery, learn more about our treatments here.

Treatments We Provide

Anti-inflammatory Medicine

Anti-inflammatory medicines, such as ibuprofen or naproxin (like Motrin(R) or Aleve(R)) control pain and swelling. Even though you can buy them at the store, your doctor may also prescribe a stronger dose.

Elbow Fracture Repair Surgery

If a bone in your elbow is fractured, the broken bones are realigned to normal positioning and secured by screws and pins.

Orthopedic Devices

To stabilize your elbow, your doctor may require you to use a splint, sling or brace. This helps keep it still so it can heal, and limits the pain that comes with moving.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered in a variety of settings and locations to ensure you receive the best treatment options available. Conditions we treat range from sports-related injuries and post-surgical conditions to general sprains and strains from everyday living.