Treatments for Ankle Tendonitis

Your Treatment Begins Here

Because tendonitis is painful, it can soon interfere with your daily routine. Self-care, such as rest, ice, over-the-counter medicine and even a wrap, usually helps. Even with all of that, recovering can be a challenge. When any condition lingers, there is risk of additional damage being done. 

Making an appointment with one of our foot and ankle specialists comes with practical benefits. First, you'll know for sure if tendonitis is the correct diagnosis. Second, our experts can give you medical know-how that really heals. If your tendonitis was caused by activity, it's a priority to get you back to that. 

Whatever it takes for full recovery and results, we'll get you there. A few of our possible treatments are shown here. Let's get you walking, running or playing again soon, pain-free.

Treatments We Provide

Ankle Tendonitis Surgery

Ankle tendonitis surgery removes the inflamed tissue from around the tendon. This is usually reserved for extreme cases.

MRI Diagnostics

By taking a series of images using magnetic resonance imaging (or a simple X-ray in some cases), your orthopedic doctor can see the exact location and the extent of any damage. 

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can teach you special exercises that strengthen nearby muscles and ease stress on connecting tendons and ligaments.

Ultrasound Therapy

For certain types of tendonitis, like calcific tendonitis, ultrasound waves may be used to administer steroids through the surface of the skin. The waves "push" the medicine through.