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Foot & Toe Conditions

Foot and toe conditions can disrupt our daily lives. Spectrum Health podiatrists are skilled experts in the latest techniques and surgeries. Common foot and toe conditions, include:

  • Bunions: a visible bump of bone or tissue that forms at the base of the big toe (or less often, on the baby toe) caused by chronic imbalance when you walk
  • Flat Foot: lack of arch development during childhood which causes pain in the feet and up into the ankles
  • Hammertoe: an abnormal bend in the middle joint of a toe, often affecting the second, third or fourth toes 
  • Heel Spurs: a calcium deposit on the heel bone that causes a stabbing pain in the heel
  • Plantar Fasciitis: this ligament forms the arch of your foot. Stiffening of the band causes a sharp heel pain.

A common reason for most of these conditions includes restrictive shoes or defects in foot development in childhood. While these may start as inconvenient, don’t wait to seek treatment.