Why a Comprehensive Stroke Center?

As a Joint Commission-accredited and certified Comprehensive Stroke Center and leading provider of comprehensive stroke care, Spectrum Health is committed to fostering better outcomes for stroke patients. In addition to Spectrum Health Hospitals Blodgett Hospital being a Primary Certified Stroke Center, Spectrum Health Hospitals Butterworth Hospital is now a Comprehensive Stroke Center. We are a leading provider of comprehensive stroke treatment and one of the largest specialized neurovascular teams of its kind in Michigan. The team consists of fellowship-trained, board-certified vascular neurologists and vascular neurosurgeons as well as neurointerventional, neurocritical care, and neurorehabilitation specialists with the expertise to provide the highest level of medical and surgical care for stroke patients.

Why go to a Joint Commission-accredited and certified Comprehensive Stroke Center?

The Advanced Certification for Comprehensive Stroke Centers demonstrates an organization’s commitment to becoming a leader in stroke care and its commitment to providing the highest quality treatment to stroke patients. 

As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Spectrum Health meets the stroke clinical performance measures identified by The Joint Commission to maintain its certification. Spectrum Health also participates in national average bench marking with Get With the Guidelines®—an in-hospital program aimed to improve acute stroke treatment and prevention of stroke and cardiovascular events. These guidelines focus on quick diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients through evidence-based medicine and comparative data for quality improvement.