Treatments for Ependymoma Tumors

Your Treatment Begins Here

Breakthroughs in treatment for this spine tumor (ependymoma) continue to improve quality of life and survival rates. You can bet that if a new treatment is available, we have it for you. Our team of specialists will plan your treatment using the best combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for you.

Our main goal is to remove the entire tumor. If surgery can’t get all of it, we’ll add in other treatments to go after remaining cancer cells. Read through our options below and prepare questions for your next appointment.

Treatments We Provide


Even with aggressive treatment, tumors can grow back. Chemotherapy can help control and monitor tumors that have grown back when radiation isn't enough.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation experts don't just work on improving your physical function. We understand that neurological connections with your brain and your nerves affect your physical, cognitive and emotional health. Our holistic approach brings you greater success.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation may be suggested in a couple scenarios. First, radiation can reduce the size of the tumor when surgery can't completely remove it. Second, even if the tumor is completely removed, radiation can reduce the risk of a tumor returning.

Tumor Surgery

Surgery removes the tumor, or as much of it as possible. Tumors are often tangled or wrapped around nearby tissue or nerves, making it impossible to completely remove it.