Lifestyle Medicine Practice

As a patient of lifestyle medicine, you will have access to a team of experts and a variety of programs and services all designed to guide you through lasting lifestyle transformation that will optimize your health. Your goal might be to prevent, manage or reverse disease or simply to feel healthier and better. Lifestyle medicine is for everyone and is focused on your goal for your health. Learn more about what you can expect below.

What to Expect

Your lifestyle medicine care team may vary depending on your needs, but in addition to the support of a physician you will have access to chefs, nurses, registered dietitians, health coaches, personal trainers and more all focused on helping and empowering you to achieve optimal health through lifestyle change. Your time with the lifestyle medicine team will focus on your current health concerns and lifestyle related risks. We will help you to develop a personalized plan that begins with small changes that you are ready to make. The result will be a big impact for a lifetime!

Lifestyle medicine offerings vary from brief to long-term commitment, from one-on-one to group based formats, and include in-person and virtual options – with the goal of meeting you where and how you are ready. Lifestyle medicine care is focused and led by you – you are the expert in your own lifestyle. We will empower you through support and expertise of our team to help you achieve your health goals.
Your lifestyle medicine journey may include selecting longer term programming that will support you as you make meaningful changes toward a lifestyle transformation step by step. Research shows that successful and lasting behavior change is most likely when it is supported by health coaching and peer support across weeks or months.

Your lifestyle medicine journey may include participating in one of our many group programs or shared medical appointment (SMA) options. SMAs are an effective way to spend more time with your doctor while learning together with similar patients. Most SMAs take place in a series of appointments, held across weeks or months at a specific time with the same group. More information is discussed during SMAs than individual office visits as participants learn from each other’s comments, support and interactions with experts. SMAs are available via virtual format to allow you the convenience to join from any Internet enabled device.

You can learn more about available shared medical appointments here.
On average, most people engage in our programs for three to six months. This is so we can take small steps towards your goal with changes that last a lifetime. Throughout that time, you will have access to a number of other services including:
  • Health behavior assessments, biometrics, goal setting and personalized lifestyle plans
  • Intensive therapeutic lifestyle change programs
  • Culinary medicine programs: Cooking classes, demos and webinars, meal planning, culinary skill building
  • Individual and group appointments with lifestyle medicine doctors, dietitians and experts
  • Health & wellness coaching with certified professionals
  • Tobacco and nicotine treatment
  • Digital therapeutics

Who is Lifestyle Medicine For?

Lifestyle medicine is for everyone. Literally 95% of people in the United States have at least one lifestyle risk that compromises their health in significant ways. In fact, most of us have multiple areas where changes to our daily behaviors could greatly improve our physical and mental health. Lifestyle change is the best medicine to allow the body to heal and avoid disease.

The evidence from scientific research is clear. Healthy lifestyles not only make us feel better, they make our body and mind healthier. In fact, for those ready to make significant changes, lifestyle can be your medicine – whether you are working to prevent, better control, or even reverse disease.

Not ready to make big or fast change? That’s OK! We encourage patients to start where they are ready and go at a pace that is comfortable for them. Our team is here to support you on your health journey.

Lifestyle medicine programs have been shown to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic conditions including:

  • Obesity
  • Prediabetes and Type-2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Mild cognitive impairment
  • Some Autoimmune problems
  • Depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Non-alcoholic, fatty liver disease
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Cancer prevention that are lifestyle-associated (e.g. prostate, breast)
  • Osteoarthritis/joint health

Shared Medical Appointments

We invite new patients to begin their journey with lifestyle medicine by scheduling a new patient shared medical appointment. Why New Patient Shared Medical Appointment?

  • Changing in community is core to lifestyle medicine. Social support is key to lasting lifestyle change. New patients immediately have built in support when they start with a shared medical appointment.
  • Shared medical appointments provide a common identity and shared purpose for patients, allowing them to feel supported in community rather than feeling isolated with their health concerns.
  • Shared medical appointments provide a forum for patients to talk about their experiences of living with certain health concerns with other patients who know firsthand what it is like.
  • Shared medical appointments allow for space to brainstorm solutions to common health concerns; patients are inspired by goal setting that takes place during the appointment with their peers.
  • Shared medical appointments allow new patients quicker access to our lifestyle medicine physicians.
  • Patients have one on one discussion with the physician and work with the physician and health coach to develop a personalized lifestyle medicine plan.

What to expect:

  • New patient visits are conducted in person in our inspiring teaching kitchen location; patients should plan two and a half hours for the appointment.
  • Fasting LDL, glucose and A1C are tested in a private setting with a finger poke method. Results are discussed as a group with the physician.
  • During the visit you’ll meet with the lifestyle medicine physician and about 5 other patients. Each patient will have time to address their specific health concerns and goals.
  • Each patient will work with the physician and health coach to develop a personalized plan and identify their next step in their own personal lifestyle medicine journey.

Your journey to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle starts here!

A whole food, plant-based eating plan is the cornerstone of lifestyle medicine. But what does “whole-food, plant-based” even mean? This two part shared medical appointment will provide a solid starting point to your plant-based journey. You’ll learn the science behind plant-based eating and what this means to you for chronic disease prevention, management and possibly reversal.  You’ll meet with the lifestyle medicine physician to formulate your individualized lifestyle prescription with a food as medicine approach. A health coach facilitated discussion will arm you with skills for shopping, meal planning, and cooking. You’ll meet with our expert team and other patients who are learning alongside you.

Together we’ll discover a new way of cooking and enjoying food. Most importantly, patients will learn how to convert this knowledge into long-term lifestyle change. This is a two-part shared medical appointment. For the best experience, we ask that patients plan to attend both appointments in order.

Part one covers the power of whole-food, plant based eating. You will learn how to include a variety of whole plant foods into your diet, makeover your pantry, shop for groceries, and the secrets to meal prepping to make healthy eating easy all week long.

Part two covers how to create a plant-based plate, cooking methods, healthy recipe substitutions, and menu-planning. You’ll learn tips for family meals, navigating social situations, travel and eating in restaurants.

The secret to success with lifestyle medicine is adopting healthier ways of living. The good news is that our lifestyle medicine practice helps patients do just that! Lasting change is a three part shared medical appointment series that guides patients through science-based change process. Patients learn how to make healthy changes and create a health behavior plan of their own.

Part one, preparing for change: Lack of motivation or willpower are not the reasons why most change attempts fail. Rather, change efforts often fail because people are not prepared. In this appointment, patients will learn and apply skills for building a solid base for successful change. Patients will review their current thinking, behaviors, triggers, and environment and use that knowledge to prepare for change.

Part two, putting change into action: Patients learn how to make a fail-proof change plan and begin to identify the key parts of their action plan—what specifically they are will change, how they will do it, what supports they will need, and how they will track their progress. Patients will be ready to put their change plan into action.

Part three, sustaining change: Patients learn how to beat the odds and maintain their change for a lifetime. Patients learn how to prevent relapse and learn from slips. Patients will reflect on problems they may face and make plans to overcome them. Patients gain the rewards of optimal health by sustaining a new healthier lifestyle.

The appointments are led by a lifestyle medicine physician, health coach, and a health psychologist with expertise in behavior science. We recommend patients attend all three sessions, but it is not required. Patients may attend appointments in any order.


The passport to health program is a series of shared medical appointments designed to help you develop skills to better care for your health through pillars of lifestyle medicine: nourish, move, restore, and connect. In addition to personalized guidance from the lifestyle medicine physician and health coach, you will also benefit from group discussions and peer support during the visit.

Each visit covers a specific pillar of lifestyle medicine, such as nutrition, movement, stress management and others that help prevent chronic disease and achieve optimal health. Delivered in person and/or virtually with hands-on instruction and skills-based learning. 

What’s included?

  • Skill-building activities such as cooking with a chef, exercise instruction, and guided meditation 
  • Educational materials, recipes, activity guides, and other helpful resources 
  • As a patient of the lifestyle medicine practice you will also receive an individualized lifestyle prescription developed with the lifestyle medicine physician to implement in your daily life

Benefits you can expect from passport to health

  • Greater awareness of how lifestyle impacts your health
  • Enhanced skills to support new health behaviors 
  • More confidence as you embark on your personal health journey

The complete health improvement program is a lifestyle medicine solution designed to prevent, manage and reverse chronic disease. CHIP is highly research tested to provide improvements in blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, diabetes and joint pain helping participants to experience increased energy, positive mood and overall vitality. CHIP is delivered by our physicians and trained facilitators over 18 sessions in a group setting with dynamic group discussions and peer support. Over the course of the 6-month program, we take a holistic approach to improving all lifestyle habits including optimal nutrition, movement & exercise, stress-relieving strategies and more. Graduates of CHIP will be inviting to continue receiving support through our monthly Club CHIP sessions.

The cooking for health shared medical appointment is a series of visits led by a culinary medicine physician and chef. designed to implement a food as medicine treatment plan, building of culinary skills with ongoing support from a dietitian or health coach. Patients will benefit from the hands-on approach to learning how to better care for their health through food. We offer both a cooking for health series focused entirely on a whole food plant-based cooking and a separate series for those looking to transition their diet more gradually. Additional condition or disease-focused series dive deeper into specific topics and health concerns.

The fasting for health shared medical appointment provides comprehensive, provider-led medical fasting with the support of other patients and supervision of a medical team . Fasting promotes weight control, healing and longevity. When undertaken as a group with the supervision of a medical team, safety and success are optimal. Physician-led fasting at a multidisciplinary lifestyle medicine clinic is truly a rare opportunity and cutting-edge medicine. There are many ways to fast, and for this program we chose the most data-driven, safe and reliable method available: the five day Prolon extended fast mimic by L-Nutra. Purchased at a discount, the kit has carefully selected portions which give the body a precise amount of nutrients. Patients enter fat-burning metabolism with high functional status., which makes the fast effective while avoiding serious side effects. Fast mimic veterans report extremely high satisfaction, and less discomfort than expected. Furthermore, with the support of other patients and a physician-led team, our fasting shared medical appointments deliver the complete package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Primary Care Provider be Involved?
Lifestyle medicine complements traditional care, it doesn’t replace it. Visits to our practice will not replace any medical care you’re already receiving. We’ll work with your existing care team. Your lifestyle medicine visits will be documented in your electronic health record and your other health care providers will have access to your information.

What is a Health Coach?
The lifestyle medicine health coaches are board certified professionals through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching. They have received extensive training typically through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching. Our health coaches have a variety of different backgrounds and expertise including nutrition, physical training, tobacco and nicotine treatment and more. Our lifestyle medicine health coaches lead patients through a journey of change empowering them to build confidence, inspire change, reach goals and build lifelong habits. This is accomplished by the health coach partnering with the patient to develop a personal wellness plan that the coach helps them to implement drawing upon evidence-based change strategies. The health coach and patient develop a strong relationship through frequent and ongoing interactions focused on supporting and celebrating the patient’s change journey.

Will my Insurance Cover Lifestyle Medicine?
Regular insurance coverage with copay applies for most lifestyle medicine visits and programs. Cash-based services are also available. Our team will help to answer any coverage questions prior to your appointment.