Spiritual Care

Care of the spirit is as important in hospice as tending to the physical and emotional needs of our patients and families. This concept, however, is often misunderstood and far too rigid in our minds as to what it is and what it is not. While gifts like offering prayer at bedside, reading scripture, or facilitating religious rituals are vastly and fundamentally important, they are not the only aspects of caring for one's spirit. Spiritual care involved gentle, caring presence, and an openness to hear the questions that may come to mine when facing the end of life.

"Why is this happening to me? What meaning has my life had? What lies ahead for me now?" These questions are only some of the many that one's spirit searches to find answers to in face of a serious, life-threatening illness. As these questions of ultimate meaning arise to the surface, our skilled and compassionate hospice chaplains take the time needed to listen and to be still with our patients and families as they grapple with them. Patients and families feel listened to and heard. The conversations our chaplains facilitate can instill peace when relationships with people, the world, or God are restored, and hope is maintained in all circumstances and stages of life. Hope for...

Faith that grows in difficult times
Meaning through all stages of life
Healing where there is brokenness
Peace in all circumstances
Comfort that endures

The chaplains of Spectrum Health Hospice are ready to provide their time and listening ears to any hospice patient and family member. If you need to reach a hospice chaplain, please call anytime at 616.391.4250.

Our Team

  • Steve Shick, B.A. in Psychology, a Master of Divinity Degree, a Master of Arts in Religion and board certification Ouby the Association of Professional Chaplains.

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We consider home the place where you live, which includes independent living facilities or assisted living communities. Spectrum Health At Home reaches many counties throughout West Michigan.

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