What's an Executive Physical?

 Executive physicals are thorough, customized checkups that help organizational leaders improve and maintain their health. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective 

When you choose Spectrum Health for executive physicals, you’ll benefit from:
Convenient care – Exams are completed in one day at a single location
Flexibility – Appointments can flex to accommodate calls to the office
Lower health care costs – Detecting health conditions early can reduce direct medical costs later
One-on-one attention – A dedicated nurse navigator will accompany you throughout the day

What to Expect

Meet with highly skilled internal medicine doctors for an evaluation focused on the whole you—body, mind and spirit.

All appointments include:
Review of your medical history
Physical examination
Health risk assessment

Consultations and Tests

Your doctor will recommend tests and consultations that fit your needs and risk factors. Your appointment may include:  
Blood tests 
Body composition test and bone density scan
Cancer screenings, such as 3D mammogram and skin cancer screening
Cardiac screenings, such as abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, coronary calcium scan, electrocardiogram (ECG) or stress test
Dermatology consultation 
Hearing test 
Nutrition consultation with a registered dietitian 
Physical therapy evaluation to test strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
Vascular studies to check blood flow
Vision screening 

Well-Furnished Suites

Enjoy the comfort and amenities of our concierge medicine suites, designed for the needs of active professionals.
Coffee and food
Lounge seating
Shower facilities
Wi-Fi access

Same-Day Results

Your doctor will review your test results during your appointment. That means you’ll have next steps—such as follow-up appointments, specialty care referrals, or simply scheduling next year’s physical—before you leave. 

Additional Services

For an additional fee, extend your executive physical with separate appointments for:
Orthopedic consultation – Focuses on your bone, joint and muscle health  
Podiatry consultation – Focuses on your foot and ankle health
Sleep consultation – Focuses on your sleep health