Treatments for Gallstones

Your Treatment Begins Here

You often don’t need treatment if you're not experiencing symptoms of gallstones. Gallstones that are causing symptoms could cause damage or an infection. If your symptoms don't go away, we're prepared and equipped to treat you in a variety of ways. Read through treatment options below offered by the Spectrum Health digestive disorder team.

Treatments We Provide

Lighted Scope Diagnostics

In a procedure your doctor may use an ERCP, a small lighted tube that is inserted through your mouth while you're asleep. This helps confirm the presence of gallstones. Sometimes small stones can be removed at the same time.

Gallbladder Removal Surgery

One of the most common surgeries in America, we are often able to perform this surgery using tiny, high-tech instruments. This means small incisions and faster recovery for you. This procedure is known as laparoscopic and is minimally invasive.

Oral Dissolution Therapy

Nonsurgical treatments are rarely used for gallstones, but sometimes they're necessary. If you can't undergo surgery, we may prescribe medicines to help dissolve small gallstones.