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Venous Malformation in Children

About Your Child's Care and Condition

Venous malformations are usually present at birth, but may or may not be obvious. They refer to an enlarged or abnormally dilated portion of any blood vessel and can occur anywhere in the body. Each case is one-of-a-kind, based on where the malformation occurs and how many exist. To give your child relief from pain and yourself peace of mind going forward, you need an expert. We have a multidisciplinary team of specialists in vascular anomalies in children who can help with the diagnosis and the right treatment for your child, if needed. 

Venous malformations are dilated, abnormal veins that can produce visible distortion of the skin as a child grows. Venous malformations can increase your child’s risk for infections, blood clots and painful swelling. One in 200 people have venous malformations. While there is no cure, surgery, medication and other therapies can help manage this condition.