Treatments for Lymphatic Malformation in Children

Your Child's Care Begins Here

Treatment for your child focuses on his or her specific symptoms of lymphatic malformation and any medical complications related to it. You will work with a team of pediatric specialists who have experience with vascular anomalies to determine options for your child for follow-up and treatment. Together, we will determine what’s right for your child.

There are two main types of lymphatic malformation: macrocysts and microcysts. This is helpful in determining effective forms of treatment for your child. From treatment through follow-up care, we'll provide support and education along the way.

Treatments We Provide


If your child encounters an infection, antibiotic medicine treats the infection.


Your care team will watch for growth or changes. They will respond accordingly if your child's treatment plan needs to be adjusted.


This is a direct injection of medicine into the lymphatic malformation that will help to shrink it. It may have a limited effect on microcystic types of lymphatic malformations.


Surgery may also be performed to remove the lymphatic malformation.