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Hemangioma in Children

About Your Child's Care and Condition

Your little one has a raised, strawberry-like birthmark, or hemangioma. It's actually a bundle of tiny blood vessels, and many hemangiomas disappear on their own by age 10. However, you should talk with our doctors who specialize in children's vascular anomalies if your child’s birthmark is large, painful, in a worrisome location, if there are multiple birthmarks or if it doesn't go away on its own. Our multidisciplinary team can determine if treatment, such as medicines to help it go away faster, are needed. 

A hemangioma is a vascular anomaly and occurs in about one in 10 children. They can appear anywhere on the body, including internally, particularly in the liver. External birthmarks like this often appear on the face. If a hemangioma is near the eye, it can interfere with vision. They may also be susceptible to sores. We strongly recommend any infant with a hemangioma have close follow-up care with his or her primary care provider, being seen in two-week intervals instead of the typical four-week time frame to better evaluate how fast the hemangioma is growing and if treatment may be needed.