Psychology for Children

The pediatric psychology team at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital strives to care for the whole child, which includes their mental health, physical health, personal, family, school and community needs. Our experts use a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and determining the root of the problem, then will create a personalized treatment plan for your child. 

Our team members are passionate about mental health and psychological wellness in youth, and in addition to providing hospital-based and outpatient services, are actively involved in statewide organizations, professional organizations and community outreach programs, providing workshops and lectures to local community agencies and groups.

Hospital-Based Services

Pediatric Behavioral Health Consultation

This team provides psychiatric and psychological consultation, evaluation and treatment for children with acute illnesses. Our psychiatrists and psychologists work closely with social workers, psychiatric nurses, child life specialists and behavioral health technicians during a medical hospitalization to provide well-rounded and holistic care. If necessary, psychiatric consultation is also available within the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital emergency department and through specialty telemedicine to Spectrum Health United Hospital’s emergency department in Greenville (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. only).

Common conditions evaluated and treated:

  • Adherence to medical treatment
  • Adjustment disorders related to acute/chronic illness
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Chronic pain
  • Complex, mixed medical and psychiatric diagnoses
  • Eating/feeding disorders
  • Neuropsychiatric concerns, including delirium
  • Somatoform disorders
  • Trauma

Outpatient Psychology Services

Pediatric Psychology Clinic

Our licensed, pediatric-trained psychologists specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in children and teens. Our diagnostic consultations generally consist of one to three visits and are designed to provide comprehensive diagnostic services as well as identify the best avenue of care for each child and family. As part of the evaluation, we may conduct cognitive, academic, social, emotional and/or personality testing. We also provide evidence-based individual and family treatment with the goals of short-term stabilization, symptom reduction and functional improvement.

Common conditions treated:

  • Adjustment to chronic illness
  • Adherence to medical treatment regimens
  • Anxiety and depression in the context of physical illness
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Behavioral and school problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Enuresis and encopresis
  • Gender and sexuality differences
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Somatoform disorders

Many of our psychologists are also embedded within various subspecialty care clinics in order to provide whole-person, integrated care to patients wherever they are at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. 



Autism Spectrum Disorders/Developmental Disabilities Clinic

Children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years are seen for an assessment if there is concern that a child may be exhibiting symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder. Assessments are completed by a board-certified developmental and behavioral pediatrician and can also include a multidisciplinary evaluation by a licensed pediatric psychologist and a speech and language pathologist. We also have psychology and psychiatry services available for children who already have a diagnosis of autism or a developmental disability for ongoing assessment and treatment. Our clinic is a certified Blue Cross Blue Shield Center of Excellence.


Neuropsychology Clinic

Our neuropsychologists have completed extensive training and are specialized in pediatric psychology, brain-behavior relationships, specialized neuropsychological assessment, intervention techniques and the practical implications of neuropsychological conditions. They work in collaboration with our subspecialists in a variety of areas, including
neuroscience, cardiology and hematology/oncology.