Your Visit

Our team has the only fellowship-trained movement pediatric disorder specialist as well as the only pediatric functional neurosurgeon in the state of Michigan, allowing us to off er both medical and surgical expertise to children and families. We offer clinics that specialize in several common movement disorders, including tics, Tourette syndrome, dystonia, ataxia and cerebral palsy (spasticity). These clinics bring professionals from many areas together to work with children in a coordinated treatment program.

What to Expect

We take a multidiscplinary approach to treatment, coordinating care with multiple subspecialties to create a cohesive treatment plan that streamlines the process for families and patients. Our neuroscience center team will first identify a diagnosis utilizing brain imaging, genetics and other advanced procedures. Then they will recommend a treatment plan to help reduce symptoms. Therapeutic modalities will include deep brain stimulation, botulinum toxin injection, baclofen pump and selective dorsal rhizotomy. We are dedicated to the diagnosis, comprehensive treatment and improvement in quality of life.