Treatments for Pediatric Cerebral Palsy

Following a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of cerebral palsy, we will assemble a team of health care experts to work with your child and your family. In addition to neurologists, this team could include neurosurgeons, orthopedic specialists, physical therapists, social workers, care coordinators and dietitians. Together we offer:
  • Therapeutic early intervention 
  • Assistive technology program
  • Equipment assessment, recommendation and provision
  • School transition planning
  • Support on obtaining community services
  • Cognitive evaluation for school planning
  • Clinical trials and other research opportunities
We take a clinic approach to care for children who have cerebral palsy. Primary treatment is managed by physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors. Our multidisciplinary team conferences bring together medical specialists to determine the best methods to support each patient. 

Treatments We Provide:  

Spasticity management

Our Advanced Management of Pediatric Spasticity Program is a collaborative partnership with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. 

Dorsal Rhizotomy 

This surgical option reduces spasticity, specifically in the legs, for children who are unable to walk. The procedure cuts nerves that are part of the spasticity reflex to reduce leg muscle tension. Rehabilitation is required right after for the best outcome.