Brain Disorder Services for Children

The pediatric neurology specialists at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital have the precise services and treatments for your child’s headaches, seizures or epilepsy. This can be a big comfort for kids and their parents.

We offer brain scans to help diagnose certain causes for headache, and biofeedback therapy to help kids take control of their pain. We have the only top-ranked epilepsy center in West Michigan, and the only program that treats children with epilepsy. Older kids are now using neurostimulation to stop seizures almost the moment they start.

Features of Brain Disorder Services for Children


Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that helps your child recognize the body's response to the headaches, such as breathing, pulse, heart rate, and brain activity. We can then help your child release and control the tension causing the headache.

CT and PET Scans

Scans of your child's brain can help determine what's behind those headaches, and help your pediatric neurologist monitor proper brain functioning.


This surgically implanted device works like a pacemaker in the neck. Older children can understand how to activate it and stop a seizure the minute they feel it begin.