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Small Baby Unit

Babies born at 27 weeks gestation or earlier are called “micro-preemies.” Beginning at the moment of birth, these very tiny babies have unique, complex needs and developmental challenges. That’s why we have developed one of the few small baby units in the country―built specifically for the needs of your micro-preemie.

Part of the practice within a small baby unit is to create an environment that simulates the womb. We’ve lowered the lights and reduced noise levels as much as possible. It’s our hope that this will reduce the baby’s stress levels. We hope that this level of detail helps these children cope better later on in life with increased sensory experiences, including human touch.

Our Small Baby Unit offers the most advanced technology and experienced neonatal providers and nurses working with other pediatric specialists. You are encouraged to be a major role player and teammate to create an environment promoting greater success for your child.

When ready, your child will move from the Small Baby Unit into the regular part of our NICU.