Parental & Family Support

We are passionately focused on nurturing your baby so he or she can thrive. Our neonatal specialists believe the best care includes a focus on family involvement, along with the most advanced technologies and procedures. With our family-centered care philosophy, we encourage you to be active in your child’s care. We also understand that few things are as comforting to parents as support from someone who knows firsthand what they are going through with their child's illness.

How We Help

Neonatal social workers can provide you with emotional support and links to community and financial resources. If you need information on lodging while your baby is in the NICU, please ask to speak with a social worker.

Discharge planners will help you get ready for your baby’s discharge and connect you with resources to help you and your baby as he/she goes home.

Chaplains are available to help meet your spiritual and religious needs, as well as to provide emotional support.

The March of Dimes NICU Family Support® Specialist is available to provide you with information, support and access to educational classes and the chance to meet other parents who have a baby in the NICU.

  • NICU-Classes

    Classes & Events

    We offer a variety of activities and classes to help support the entire family during their NICU experience. Examples include scrap booking and craft nights, sibling groups to help normalize the NICU environment, parent-to-parent dinners, and lunchtime lactation support groups. An up-to-date calendar of events is at the front desk of the unit. Register for events in person with the unit greeter, or by calling 616.267.1300.

Parent-to-Parent Partnership

The Parent-to-Parent Partnership is a group of volunteer parents sponsored by the Neonatal Center at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. We are parents who care. Each of us has stood where you are today. Our goal is to make this experience a little easier. Together with the entire staff of the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), we offer a circle of caring for you, your family and your baby.

The Parent-to-Parent Partnership is free. The program developed out of our own experiences and because we sincerely care about your family’s journey. Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital offers this program to you as a part of our commitment to meeting the needs of families whose infants are receiving care in the NICU.

Parents of children at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and their visitors may either park in Ramp 3 or use valet parking at the main entrance circle drive off of Michigan Street. Parking is free at all Spectrum Health ramps but you must have the parking validated at one of the hospital information desks.
The Renucci Hospitality House provides affordable, homelike accommodations for families whose loved ones are hospitalized at Butterworth and Blodgett hospitals and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. If these accommodations are full, Spectrum Health's concierge service can also help you find a local hotel.
Renucci Hospitality House
290 Ransom Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Ronald McDonald House
1323 Cedar Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital has an on-site cafe featuring casual favorites, including pizza and salad stations, and an ice cream window. Additional dining options are available within Butterworth Hospital, and a food court across Michigan Street between the 25 and 35 Michigan Street buildings.
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital features many amenities dedicated to family rest and rejuvenation. Highlights include a multi-faith chapel with 24 hour access, children’s play areas, family laundry facilities, and kitchenette space including two dishwashers, sinks and microwaves.

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