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Kidney Care Services for Children

Turn to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital when your child is in need of advanced kidney or urinary tract care. As the largest pediatric kidney care and kidney transplant program in West Michigan, we provide a complete range of diagnoses and treatments for children with kidney and urinary tract disorders, from birth through age 21.

Our services include everything from kidney ultrasound to the most effective forms of dialysis to filter waste and extra fluid from the blood. Should your child need a transplant, ours is the only hospital in the region that provides kidney transplants in children. Our experienced pediatric nephrologists and surgeons will make sure your child gets the expert care that’s needed to help his or her kidneys function normally.

Features of Kidney Care for Children


Hemodialysis uses a machine to filter the blood. It is usually done three times a week in a clinic or hospital.

Kidney Transplant

Children with chronic kidney disorders may need a transplant. Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital is the only hospital in the region to provide kidney transplants for children. A successful kidney transplant journey doesn't just happen in the operating room. We take great care to make sure to keep you informed and your child comfortable through every step in the process.

Peritoneal Dialysis

This form of dialysis can be more convenient for your child. It uses the lining of your child’s belly to filter the blood. It can be done at home during the day, or at night while your child sleeps.​


This process removes blood, separates the plasma to filter it and remove harmful proteins, then replaces it with healthy plasma and returns the blood to the body. This process is similar to dialysis and is often a procedure done to prepare your child for a kidney transplant.

Renal Ultrasound

A renal ultrasound can reveal kidney or bladder problems, such as kidney stones, cysts or tumors or complications from a urinary tract infection. Ultrasounds at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital are done in this area’s only radiology department specifically for kids. Results are usually shared with your child's pediatrician within one to two days.