We are a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, the oldest and largest national cooperative trials consortium in the nation, giving our children access to the most promising new therapies and best outcomes through Phase III clinical trials.


We're one of the few children's hospitals across the country able to offer advanced forms of "personalized" or "precision" medicine. We do this through our pediatric oncology research program and the Haworth Family Innovative Therapies Clinic, both led by Giselle Sholler, MD. Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the research lab and see how we use samples to determine a personalized plan of care for children with cancer.

The Pediatric Oncology Translational Research Program and the Haworth Family Innovative Therapeutics Clinic offer internationally sought Phase I and Phase II treatment trials for relapsed neuroblastoma and brain tumors and other higher- risk childhood cancers. As a part of the ITC, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital offers leading-edge molecular target profiling through sophisticated genetic analysis of childhood tumors so that treatments can be specifically designed for each individual child. 

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Beat Childhood Cancer
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital also oversees the Beat Childhood Cancer research consortium, a group of 40+ universities and children’s hospitals that offer a worldwide network of childhood cancer clinical trials.