Treatments for Lymphoma in Children

Your Child's Care Begins Here

At Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, our children's cancer team knows that treating a child who has lymphoma is very different than treating an adult. Our goal is to find the most effective treatment for your child with the smallest long-term impact on his or her growing body.

We are proud to be part of nationwide research in the most promising new treatments for childhood lymphomas. Many new immune therapies can more directly target lymphoma cells, avoiding damage to normal, non-cancerous body tissues. Kids with lymphoma sometimes receive immunotherapy along with long established treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Treatments We Provide


Chemotherapy refers to very potent drug combinations to destroy cancer cells. This is the primary treatment for all types of lymphoma.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation uses high-energy X-rays to shrink groups of cancer cells and prevent lymphoma cells from growing. Radiation is used to treat some types of lymphoma, usually in combination with chemotherapy.

Targeted Therapies

In a targeted therapy, specific immune and biologic medications are used to "tag" and attack cancer cells without injuring normal cells.