Advanced Neurological Care for Kids

Children's Brain, Spine and Nerves Specialties

If you think your child has a brain, spine or nerve problem, it's time to see our children's brain specialists to help identify what's happening and create a personalized plan for treatment. Our pediatric neurology and neurosurgery experts have the latest diagnostics, treatments and medicines to meet the unique needs of your child. You’ll find hope and help right here.

We offer unique expertise, like a multidisciplinary team of pediatric headache experts and a comprehensive epilepsy program that is West Michigan’s only epilepsy care program for kids. Our pediatric neurosurgery team offers minimally-invasive procedures, uses intraoperative neuromonitoring for real-time feedback of the function of nerves, brain and spinal cord and also has West Michigan’s only intraoperative MRI to confirm progress during brain and spine surgery if a tumor has been completely removed. 

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