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Treatments for Endocarditis

Your Treatment Begins Here

Antibiotics can treat endocarditis in most cases. You may also need heart surgery to repair or replace heart valves or remove infected heart tissue.  A cornerstone of Spectrum Health’s heart and vascular care is cardiothoracic surgery.  Our team of expert surgeons at the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center provide sophisticated techniques and unique lifesaving surgical solutions to deliver an outstanding patient experience.

Treatments We Provide

Medication Management

Along with very important lifestyle changes, there are a variety of medicines used to help treat heart conditions. Medicines for heart disease are used to ease discomfort or lessen symptoms, but some can also be essential in preventing life-threatening episodes. It is important to take your medicines exactly as prescribed, and work with your doctor on both lifestyle and medicine changes.

Surgical Valve Repair or Replacement

During this procedure a surgeon can repair or replace the mitral valve. This is generally performed as an endoscopic surgery with the assistance of a guided camera and precise tools.