Social Worker for Cancer Patients

A medical social worker is available for all cancer patients to provide support, assessment and referrals to appropriate Spectrum Health-affiliated and community-based resources. The medical social worker can connect you with programs for practical, emotional and spiritual concerns, and can help address family dynamics throughout your disease and treatment process.

A medical social worker can help you and your family with the following: 

  • Coping and adjustment. The social worker can meet with you and your family to discuss your supports and coping. This might include validating what’s normal and what’s not, identifying available supports, and teaching new coping mechanisms.
  • Connecting you with community resources. This might include assistance with transportation, medications, home services, support groups or many others.
  • Communication. The social worker can help you find the way to communicate. We can be a sounding board to discuss approaches, or guide you in how to handle conversations with children, family, employer, your friends, etc.
  • Information and Education. The social worker can provide, or help you obtain the information you need to make critical decisions.
  • Financial Assistance. The social worker can connect you to financial resources available to you.
  • Advocating. We know that speaking up on your behalf, about what you want, can be hard. This can be even more difficult if it’s not what your family or doctor think or want. We can help speak up, support you, and facilitate these challenging conversations.
  • Cultural Diversity. The social worker can assist in identifying your unique concerns and assures that the care you’re receiving is in alignment with your wishes, beliefs and values.

A cancer program medical social worker is available at the Spectrum Health Cancer Center at Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.