Your Team, Your Care

Prostate MST
When it comes to cancer, getting the right diagnosis and team of experts is critical. That’s why we quickly conduct the tests needed to make a conclusive diagnosis. Then we bring a whole team of cancer specialists together in one place for one appointment with you and your family. You’ll meet with the area’s finest surgical, chemotherapy and radiation therapy experts at Spectrum Health Cancer Center.

Your multispecialty team typically includes:

Urologist or Urologic Oncologist
Medical Oncologists
Radiation Oncologists 
Medical Social Worker
Research Nurse 


The team will discuss the treatment options that are best for your personal solution and answer any questions you or your family may have. You’ll leave with a detailed verbal and written care plan—a road map for your cancer treatment. This team approach also saves you and your family the anxiety and uncertainty of waiting days and weeks between individual appointments.