High Risk Prostate Clinic

The high risk prostate clinic provides patients at high risk of developing prostate cancer with monitoring designed to reduce risk of the disease or to diagnose it in its earliest stages.

You May be Seen at the High Risk Prostate Clinic if:

High risk

  • Age 40 and above with family history of prostate cancer
  • African American descent
  • Known inherited genetic mutations – BRCA 1 &2; Lynch syndrome

Normal screening guidelines

  • Age 50-70
  • Abnormal digital rectal exam or PSA
  • No PCP
  • PCP not screening regularly or has not been offered

Your Visit With Us

Your individual needs are our concern. Your visit with us will include an evaluation by a prostate specialist who will assess your risk factors for prostate cancer, complete a digital rectal exam and interpret your PSA results and plan for future screenings. Your individual family history will be reviewed by a provider and recommendations will be provided. You will also receive education about your prostate health, including specific recommendations for risk management and reduction.

What to Expect

  • Clinical prostate exam
  • Risk assessment
  • PSA review
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Education on appropriatefollow up regarding your results