Treatments for Liver Cancer

Your Treatment Begins Here

We specialize in helping you fight for positive outcomes against liver cancer. 

Your treatment for liver cancer depends on: 

  • Your liver’s condition
  • The size, location and number of tumors
  • If the cancer has spread outside the liver
  • Your age and overall health

Our comprehensive multispecialty team diagnoses and treats more upper GI cancer cases than any other hospital in the region. We perform approximately 80 major surgeries for liver and biliary cancer each year, and with these high volumes have improved patient and disease outcomes. 

Treatments We Provide


A minimally invasive method of destroying tumor cells.


Some cancers in the liver can be managed with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is typically used along with other treatments discussed here.

Interventional Radiology - Liver Cancer

Using advanced techniques, a radiologist can access the liver directly through the skin. Some cancers are treated by placing a probe into the tumor and burning the tissue. Other types of treatment involve administration of radiation or chemotherapy directly into the blood vessels supplying the cancer.

Liver Cancer Surgery

Surgery to remove the cancerous part of the liver is called hepatectomy. The amount of liver removed is dependent upon the tumor size and location.

NanoKnife® Pancreatic Surgery

The NanoKnife® is a novel, non-heat based procedure allowing treatment of locally advanced tumors near blood vessels. It may provide an additional treatment option for some tumors that are otherwise considered inoperable.

Radiation Oncology

A team of medical professionals with advanced training deliver radiation treatment and care.