Treatments for Metastatic Bone Cancer

Your Treatment Begins Here

We quickly conduct the tests needed to make a conclusive diagnosis. The whole team of cancer specialists is brought together in one place for one appointment with you and your family.

The team will discuss the treatment options that are best for your personal solution and answer any questions you may have. You will leave with a detailed verbal and written care plan, a road map for your cancer treatment. 

Treatments We Provide


This well-known cancer treatment uses medicines taken intravenously or by mouth to kill cancer cells throughout the body. Chemotherapy may be given before surgery to shrink tumors, or after to fight cancer cells that have potentially spread.

Intensity-Modulated Radiation

IMRT is an advanced form of radiation that uses external beams mapped to the exact shape of the tumor. The strength of beams can be adjusted. It is delivered from multiple directions to protect normal tissue nearby.

Limb Amputation

This surgery is only used where a limb is so severely affected by the cancer that it cannot be saved.

Limb Sparing Surgery

Until recently, affected limbs were often amputated to ensure complete removal of primary bone cancer. We specialize in newer, effective techniques that allow tumors to be completely removed and the bone rebuilt.

Proton Radiation

This form of "super X-ray" is a high-tech particle therapy that directs a beam of protons in a precise pattern to outline only cancerous tissue. It allows higher doses of radiation to be delivered, killing more cancer, while sparing surrounding tissue.