We'll Walk With You

Long term care doesn't simply mean nursing home care.

Our facilities are designed to help residents restore and maintain the highest possible level of emotional and physical well-being.

What is long term care?
Long term care is for individuals who require 24 hour care in a supervised setting. Our long term care facilities have residents that range in age and diversity and choose long term care when they require more medical attention than their support systems can provide.
How do I pay for long term care?
Typically long term care is covered by Medicaid, and private funds. For individuals with or pursuing Medicaid, certain medical requirement must be met in order for placement in a facility. Our facilities have financial counselors available to assist with payment options.
Do you have a physician on site?
Provider coverage is available seven days a week.
Is therapy provided in long term care?
PT, OT and SLP may be provided if a skilled need is identified. Most insurances will cover the cost of therapy is an authorization is obtained.
For additional questions or to learn more about our facilities please call 616-486-3042.


What should I/my family member bring the day of admission?
Admission intake and paperwork are completed in the first hours after your arrival. Family or support persons are invited and encouraged to attend. If there is a guardian or durable power of attorney in place, please provide a copy of that paperwork. Photo’s to keep loved ones and memories close. A favorite quilt or blanket to help personalize their room.
What kinds of clothes should I bring?
We recommend that you bring comfortable clothing that is easy to get on and off. Examples might include soft, pull-on pants or gym shorts, easy-to-don shirts, and shoes or slippers that have non-slip soles.
Do you provide laundry service?
Clothing can either be washed onsite by our team, or by family members. During the intake process, we will ask your preference.