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Access family MyChart accounts (proxy access)

If you manage someone else’s health, you can request access to his or her Spectrum Health MyChart account. This is called proxy access.

Accessing your child’s health information

The amount of health information parents and guardians can access depends on the age of their child due to Michigan state privacy laws. Parents and guardians have full access to their children’s health information in MyChart from birth through age 12. On the child's 12th birthday, access is limited to:

· Scheduling appointments on the child's behalf

· Viewing and printing immunization records

· Receiving health topic alerts

This automatic switch on their 12th birthday is strictly due to the law. State of Michigan privacy laws give adolescents and teens a right to confidential health care in certain areas.

Once your child turns 18 years old, you can no longer access his or her health information in MyChart without being granted proxy access.

To request access to your child’s information if they are under age 12, contact his or her provider’s office or call 877.308.5083.

Accessing another adult’s health information

To request access to another adult’s information, ask that person to log into his or her MyChart account and grant you access in the “Share My Record” section.

Need Help?

To get help using your Spectrum Health MyChart account or the Spectrum Health App, contact our tech support.