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Connect your MyChart accounts

If you've been a patient at more than one health care organization, you probably have multiple medical records. Learn how to make accessing all that information easier.

One place to view your records

If your health care organizations participate in a program called MyChart Happy Together, you can connect your other accounts to your Spectrum Health MyChart account. Connecting your accounts allows you to see all your health information in one place, including medications, allergies, health issues and care team.

How to connect accounts

Log in to your Spectrum Health MyChart account. Go to “Share My Record” in your profile section. There, you’ll see the option to “Link your accounts.”

What if one of my health care organizations isn’t listed?

Some organizations haven't activated this feature yet, even if they’re using MyChart.

What If I don’t recognize an organization in my list of accounts?

Sometimes, the name might look unfamiliar because: 

  • The location you visited is listed under the name of its parent organization 
  • The location is part of a network with a name that's not used locally 
  • The organization changed its name since the last time you were there

Get help merging accounts

You may have multiple medical records with Spectrum Health. To merge your records, call your provider’s office or contact Spectrum Health App support. Merging your records may take one to three business days.

Need Help?

To get help using your Spectrum Health MyChart account or the Spectrum Health App, contact our tech support.