Get to know our residents

Our residents are a diverse group that come from a variety of backgrounds and have unique experiences and interests. We look forward to getting to know you as well! 

Class of 2021

  • agrawal-ashutosh

    Ashutosh Agrawal, MD

    Plano, TX 

    Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    I rotated at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids as a medical student and loved the program and the city. It was an excellent fit for my academic and personal goals.  

    What do you like most about your program?
    I am looking forward to taking care of patients and my training in Diagnostic Radiology. I will get to work alongside some incredible people.

    Clinical Interests: I am interested in MSK and Body subspecialties in Diagnostic Radiology.

    Living in West Michigan: As a new resident of the state, I am looking forward to discovering every thing West Michigan has to offer. The outdoors and the food scene are incredible. 

    HobbiesI like spending time with my family and traveling.

  • al-tarhuni-mohammed

    Mohammed Khalil Al Tarhuni, MD

    Hometown: London, ON
    Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    Spectrum Health offered a unique combination of excellent training, collegial atmosphere, and a beautiful city. 

    What do you like most about your program?
    I'm looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and exploring Grand Rapids. 

    Clinical Interests: My clinical interests are medical education, trainee wellness.  

    Living in West Michigan: I've heard glowing reviews about GR, excited to explore!

    HobbiesI enjoy running, reading or listening to podcasts, and watching my Toronto Raptors win championships! 

  • azad-fereshteh

    Fereshteh Azad, MD, MSC

    Hometown: Toronto, Canada
    Medical School: Wayne State University in Detroit

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    Great Transitional program that aligns with my goals of what I was looking for.
    Location was another factor. 

    What do you like most about your program?
    To learn as much as I can about other specialties and create strong foundation of medicine. 

    Clinical Interests: I am interested in ophthalmology and eye related diseases. 

    Living in West Michigan: Great camping sites and hiking trails. Close to major cities like Chicago and Detroit but has a suburban vibe that I really enjoy.  

    Lots of great places to perform outdoor activities, eat, and drink. 

    HobbiesI enjoy  rowing, hiking, Latin dancing, painting.

  • kessler-jason

    Jason Kessler, MD

    Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

    Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    I wanted to train at a program that would push me to better myself professionally while giving me the opportunity to select rotations in accordance with my long-term career goals. In addition, I felt extremely welcomed during my interview day, and being close to relatives is definitely a major plus.

    What do you like most about your program?
    I am most looking forward to meeting my co-residents and new faculty mentors at Spectrum Health.

    Clinical Interests: I am interested in sports or pain medicine. In addition, I hope to become the medical director of a rehab hospital in the future.

    Living in West Michigan: West Michigan is gorgeous. We have Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear and Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Grand Haven, and Holland just to name a few amazing sights.

    Hobbies: In my spare time, I enjoy basketball, weightlifting, CrossFit, hiking, and spending time with my friends and family. In general, I try to lead a very active lifestyle.

  • paauw-mark

    Mark Paauw, MD


    Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
    Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    I was born at Spectrum Health and raised in Grand Rapids. I have always felt a connection to Spectrum Health as I looked up to my dad who has been a physician here for 40 years. Attending medical school in Grand Rapids further allowed me to have many rotations at Spectrum Health where I was able to experience the welcoming nature of everyone first hand. Through my rotations I saw that Spectrum Health was a community I hoped to become a part of someday.

    What do you like most about your program?
    I am most looking forward to having the opportunity to work along side all of the great people I met during my rotations and interview at Spectrum Health. I am excited to help take care of our community while I build a strong foundation for my future as a physician. 

    Clinical Interests: After my transitional year at Spectrum Health I will be continuing on to a residency in ophthalmology.

    Living in West Michigan: Having lived in West Michigan my entire life I am a little biased, but I believe it is one of the best places to live for many reasons. As I mentioned above, the community in West Michigan is second to none. I also enjoy the vast opportunity we have for outdoor activities. Additionally, I look forward to having the opportunity to remain close to family.

    HobbiesI enjoy traveling with my wife and many of my hobbies revolve around the outdoors including mountain biking, wakeboarding, and camping in the summer and skiing in the winter.

  • sproull-kyle

    Kyle Sproull, MD

    Hometown: Saginaw, MI

    Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine 

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    I chose Spectrum Health because of the people. It has a friendly, yet professional atmosphere and I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to learn and grow as a resident with this hospital system.

    What do you like most about your program?
    I am looking forward to being immersed in a broad range of clinical experiences during my transitional year. The knowledge and skills I work to acquire during my time with Spectrum Health will serve as the foundation that I build upon in my career in PM&R.

    Clinical Interests: My clinical interest is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

    Living in West Michigan: What I enjoy most about living in Grand Rapids is the big city feel without many of the big city inconveniences. The food scene in amazing and there is always fun events happening throughout the community.   

    HobbiesMy hobbies include spending time with family and friends, hunting, fishing, exercising and cooking.