Get to know our fellows

Our fellows are a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds with unique experiences and interests. We look forward to getting to know you as well!

Class of 2021

  • Fisher-Danielle

    Danielle Fisher, MD

    Hometown:Seattle, WA
    Medical school:Loyola Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, IL

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health for your fellowship? Helen DeVos Children's Hospital was my top choice for fellowship due to the amazing resource of the iHub (our process improvement and quality center) and the support and mentorship offered by Dr. Jeri Kessenich, our program director, and Dr. Andrea Hadley, our section chief. Andrea's leadership makes sure that fellows are truly included as part of the faculty here and she personally makes sure fellows become leaders too. Whatever your interest you will hit the ground running with support to stretch your wings and fly as far as you are able. Jeri is also an incredibly accomplished educator and has designed a very well rounded curriculum and navigates arranging new and innovative experiences for the fellowship with ease. Despite only having two years of fellows, our program is one of the very few that got initial ACGME accreditation, which speaks to the program's robust structure. 

    What do you like most about your program? There are too many good things about fellowship to list, but one unique thing I have come to appreciate only since getting here is being a bigger program and having other fellows. I love having three other fellows going through this process with me. This means three times the learning about what it means to be a younger career PHM physician, as we can all learn from eachother's projects, bounce ideas off one another and have eachother for support.

    What are your clinical interests? My clinical interest is the care of medically complex children, specifically those with severe neurological impairment and technology dependence. I hope to someday be the medical director of a subacute care facility for these children. My favorite part of my day is when I get to have a meaningful "goals of care" discussion with a family. I am also interested in the business of medicine and hope to get an MBA in the next 10 years. During fellowship, I am focusing on using quality improvement methods to study programmatic development of a co-management program with neurosurgery with a focus on cost reduction. 

    What do you enjoy most about living in West Michigan? I love the community feel of West Michigan. People are very supportive of local business and that creates a great neighborhood and home-town feel. In quarantine, my neighborhood has been awesome with neighbors sharing resources with eachother, arranging socially distanced scavenger hunts and the latest is a neighborhood bird watching page where people post their backyard birds. I learned that the bird nesting on my porch was an American Robin, which really upped my previously weak bird game. Grand Rapids has many great restaurants, many great breweries to explore and a fun Yelp community. 

    What are your hobbies? I love hiking and being outside. West Michigan is great for this as we are so close to the beach and the dunes. I also love to cook and regularly source my food from the Fulton Heights Farmer's Market in my neighborhood. I can also be found in the garden growing my own veggies, walking or playing with my two large dogs, or helping my significant other work on our home. We also just took up Frisbee Golf - I'm terrible at it, but am happy with the "ruined walk." Can you tell I don't like to sit down very often? In winter months, I quilt.

  • Scheele-Allek

    Allek Scheele, MD

    Hometown: Willard, MO
    Medical school: University of Missouri School of Medicine

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health for your fellowship? I chose Spectrum Health for my fellowship because of the amazing, kind, supportive people I met here. I knew that my experience would be what I wanted for my career. I also clicked well with everyone I met and I knew that I would fit in and would have a great group of people to work with.

    What do you like most about your program? What I love most about my Fellowship is how much my program will support the educational needs of the fellows. If there is a training course that fits in line with our career goals, they will make sure that our schedule will adapt to let it fit in. 

    What are your clinical interests? My clinical interests are in caring for hospitalized children, as well as caring for adolescents with substance use disorder.

    What do you enjoy most about living in West Michigan? I really love all the outdoor activities that are around! We are not far from beaches, fruit picking, and national parks, to name a few. I have a young son and it is not hard to find something to get him out of the house to play and learn.

    What are your hobbies? My hobbies include reading fantasy novels, reading/listening to true crime stories, and Cake baking and decorating.


Class of 2022

  • ezzio-catherine

    Catherine Ezzio, MD

    Hometown: Cumberland, ME
    Medical school: Tufts University School of Medicine

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health for your fellowship? I chose this program based on the wonderful people I met during my interview day! Everyone was warm, smart, patient-centered and approached problems head-on with a positive attitude. 

    What are you most looking forward to? I am looking forward to working with a great team to provide excellent patient care and striving for continuous improvement with a well-resourced QI task force. I'm also looking forward to exploring the wonderful parks and city of Grand Rapids!

    What are your clinical interests? My interests include patient and legislative advocacy, and medical education. I can't choose just a couple clinical interests, which is how I found myself in pediatric hospitalist medicine! I enjoy quality improvement work, particularly around bronchiolitis and transitions of care. 

    What do you enjoy most about living in West Michigan? I'll be living in West Michigan for the first time this summer-- and I'm excited to learn all about it!

    What are your hobbies? I enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, traveling, playing ukulele (badly), and hosting lively game nights.

  • BailaLitwakHarrisMD

    Baila Harris, MD

    Montebello, NY
    Medical School: Medical School for International Health at Ben Gurion University

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health? I chose Spectrum Health for my PHM fellowship because I was lucky enough to be a peds resident here and fell in love with both the hospital and hospitalist group. At Spectrum we see such a variety of cases and acuity that everyday offers new challenges and learning opportunities. The attendings are amazing teachers and a blast to work with!

    What are your clinical interests? As a new fellow I am most looking forward to being mentored by our amazing hospitalists. There are so many different clinical interests and teaching styles among the attendings to learn from. My main clinical interest is children with medical complexity, I enjoy the added medical challenge as well as the reward of helping their families. Another interest of mine is in global health.

    What do you enjoy most about living in West Michigan?My favorite thing about living in West Michigan (besides our spectacular hospital) is all the fun outdoor activities. I lived downtown in residency and now live a bit further from the hospital but from both places there are trails I could walk to, beautiful beaches less than an hour away, and tons of outdoor events (mostly) year round!

    What are your hobbies?My hobbies are mostly finding ways to spend time outside with my family, I also enjoy yoga and visiting museums.


  • pediatric-hospital-medicine-fellows

    Class of 2020

    Renée Jordan, MD, Academic Hospitalist, The Children's Hospital at OU Medicine, Oklahoma City, OK

    Jan Fune, MD, Academic Hospitalist, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City, NY