Get to know our fellows

Our fellows are a diverse group that come from a variety of backgrounds and have unique experiences and interests. We look forward to getting to know you as well!

Class of 2023

  • StephenGunninkDO

    Stephen Gunnink, DO

    Hometown: Littleton, CO 
    Medical School: Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine 

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    I chose to do my fellowship at Spectrum Health because I found that the physicians and other fellows were dedicated to teaching and to making my experience the best it could be. Being a smaller program, they are able to accommodate and modify curriculum/experiences to fit individual needs. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital also has all the pediatric services/subspecialties, making it a center that sees a wide variety of disease pathology and complex cases from congenital heart disease to ex-preemies with multiple medical problems. 

    What do you like most about your program?
    I am most looking forward to finally doing what I have wanted to do for years and doing it with people that I enjoy being around. 

    Clinical Interests: My clinical interests include blunt chest trauma research and learning how to integrate POC ultrasound into the pediatric emergency department.

    Living in West Michigan: I love Grand Rapids for its great food and brewery scene, great events and concerts, and how little traffic there is! I love West Michigan for its great beaches along Lake Michigan and great places to camp/hike/bike within an hour of the city. 

    Hobbies: My two main hobbies are mountain biking (trail riding) and hanging out with my wife and Labrador retriever (Denver). 

Class of 2022

  • Alhaddad-Zina

    Zina Alhaddad, MD

    Hometown:Damascus, Syria
    Medical School: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Bahrain)

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health?
    I have relatives from the east side of the state who spoke highly of Spectrum Health, so I applied. When I interviewed, I fell in love with the extremely warm and welcoming aura of the place. 

    What do you like most about your program?
    I'm looking forward to taking on more educational roles within my program! Teaching is one of my passions in medicine and I am excited to be more involved in the teaching and precepting of medical students and residents. 

    Clinical Interests: Within the field of PEM, I am interested in child abuse and child health & wellness advocacy. I also love ultrasound and procedures! I am passionate about medical education and teaching as well. 

    Living in West Michigan: Too many things to count! The people (and how kind they are - the stereotype is true: Midwesterners are some of the kindest people on Earth!). The restaurants. The city. The beautiful parks and hiking trails. Rosy Mound!

    Hobbies: I am health & fitness junkie. I enjoy high intensity interval training (BeachBody's Insanity all the way!) and resistance training. I am passionate about cooking, and I create easy & healthy Instant-Pot recipes. Outside of clinical hours, I am a health & wellness coach, so I love to invest my time in physician wellness advocacy, health education, and blogging. I love to read and write. I also enjoy jewelry making. 

Class of 2021

  • Nguyen_Peter

    Peter Nguyen, MD

    Hometown: Toronto, Canada
    Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

    Why did you choose Spectrum Health? 
    The PEM fellowship at Helen Devos Children's Hospital was an easy choice for me. From a clinical standpoint, the volume and the breadth of patients I've been exposed to make me confident that I'll be proficient as an attending. Additionally, I was looking for a program with a strong focus on ultrasound and in conjunction with the adult emergency medicine residency has been a big part in my clinical training. Lastly, the research support staff has been fantastic starting with how to do research, helping with data analysis and also with professional writing. 

    What do you like most about your program?
    I love the overall collegial attitude between residents, fellows, attendings and ancillary staff. It creates a fun and safe environment to practice and to learn. Clinically I have enjoyed the graduated autonomy during fellowship. 

    Clinical Interests: I am interested in pediatric trauma and burn care. 

    Living in West Michigan: West Michigan, and Grand Rapids in particular, has been awesome and tons of both indoor/outdoor activities.  For me, I have enjoyed the restaurant and bar scene where it always seems there's some new restaurant opening up. 

    Hobbies: Board game junkie...and watch The Office on repeat