What is Burnout?

Institutional Wellness Curriculum – Session 1. Objectives: (1) Define physician burnout & recognize risks leading to burnout, (2) Describe & apply techniques to promote physician resilience and (3) Provide a time for self reflection & assessment.

Resiliency Strategies

Institutional Wellness Curriculum – Session 2. Objectives: (1) Recognize the prevalence and significance of physician burnout, (2) Introduce realistic strategies for strengthening resiliency, (3) Assess one’s own state of mindfulness through a period of self-reflection, (4) Identify values and meaning in work and (4) Determine personal strategies to incorporate into daily life.

Time to Talk About It: Physician Depression and Suicide 

Institutional Workshop. Objectives: (1) Promote an open dialogue among physicians about depression and suicide within the profession, (2) Confront the stigma surrounding depression and help-seeking among physicians and (3) Foster an environment that encourages caring vigilance among colleagues and appropriate help-seeking for depression and suicidal ideation.

More Resources

More resources can be found on the resident wellness page.