Spectrum Health Academy of Professional Educators

The Spectrum Health Academy of Professional Educators (SHAPE) was developed and initiated in 2020. Our mission is to create a community of educators at Spectrum Health who promote a culture of educational excellence to improve health care outcomes through teaching expertise. With the development of SHAPE, Spectrum Health will join the Academies Collaborative.
SHAPE will:
Provide programming to foster the development of teaching skills to improve the education of medical students, residents and fellows
Create a community for educators across all departments and the educational continuum
Recognize and reward outstanding educators to enhance visibility and promote excellence in medical education 
Stimulate and support development of educational scholarship opportunities 
Enhance the career and professional development of clinician educators with a MD, PhD or other terminal degree

If you are interested in joining SHAPE or would like more information, email SHAPEMedEd@SpectrumHealth.org.


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    Meet the current members of SHAPE

    The members of SHAPE are a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds with unique experiences and interests. We look forward to getting to know you as well!

Benefits to members at Spectrum Health
  • Recognition for your dedication to medical education and teaching
  • Develop individual skills as teacher and researcher
  • Enhance your role in medical education
  • Have access to mentorship from educational leaders
  • Build, create and participate in faculty development workshops
  • Access to scholarship grants and awards to fund educational scholarly projects
  • Be part of a community of like-minded, passionate clinician educators
  • Expand your professional network
  • Tools to work on your promotion and tenure

New members will be accepted each spring. If you are interested in joining SHAPE or would like more information, email SHAPEMedEd@spectrumhealth.org.

Progress of Research in Medical Education
Monthly meetings to discuss ongoing medical education research at Spectrum Health with a focus on methodology to enhance future educational scholarship.

Medical Education Journal Club
Monthly journal clubs focused on recently published educational articles in top-tiered journals to discuss hot topics in medical education.

Clinical Teacher Program
In addition to monthly journal clubs, Progress in Medical Education Research (PRIME) and asynchronous learning opportunities, SHAPE partners with the Clinical Teacher Program, a 2-day course on enhancing faculty’s teaching skills.

Annual Education Day
Annually, SHAPE partners with Spectrum Health’s Research Day to highlight medical education while conducting workshops, presentations, and discussions on hot topics in medical education.
Grants are utilized to stimulate and expand future or ongoing medical education and quality improvement scholarship for SHAPE members. Applications are available in the summer of each academic year. The 2020 application is due December 1, 2020.

2020 Application - Internal Applicants Only

2020-2021 SHAPE Grantees
Title: Identifying and responding to microaggressions in the clinical workplace: an educational workshop for pediatrics residents

Grantees: Catherine Ezzio, MD and Kira Sieplinga, MD

Abstract: There is increasing evidence pointing towards implicit bias negatively impacting patient care and medical trainee learning experience, but no published literature on the “behavior” level of the Kirkpatrick framework following curriculum on responding to microaggressions in a clinical setting. A local needs assessment amongst pediatric residents at Spectrum Health revealed that trainees lack training in responding to microaggressions. We plan to implement a modified curriculum on microaggressions to the pediatrics residents at Spectrum Health, and assess for improvement in behavior (demonstrated qualitatively by learner implementation of the Observe, What did you mean, Think, Feel, Desire(OWTFD) microaggression response framework during an Observed Clinical Skills Examination (OSCE) microaggressions scenario). We plan to use a mixed-methods analysis to demonstrate that this curriculum leads to improved trainee performance in responding to microaggressions in the clinical workplace. We anticipate this training, in conjunction with existing efforts in antiracism, implicit bias, and cultural competence, will build trainee skills in leadership and advocacy, and contribute to improved healthcare team communication and reduced incidence and impact of microaggressions at Spectrum Health.
A consult service designed to provide peer-to-peer feedback on teaching. If you are interested in learning more, email SHAPEMedEd@spectrumhealth.org.
Each year, one member of SHAPE receives the “Educator Innovator Award” to recognize outstanding contributions to medical education.