Safety and Quality

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Module 1: High Reliability


Module 2: Safety Behaviors and Communication Techniques


Module 3: Quality Improvement Tools


Safety Reporting

Purpose: Provide instructions on safety reporting for Spectrum Health hospitals.

The Safety Dance: Curriculum Development in a Pediatrics Residency

Objectives: (1) Learn how to engage busy residents in safety culture transformation, (2) Gain new information on incorporating longitudinal, hands-on safety experiences into a residency curriculum, (3) Learn how to add root cause analysis and error assignment to Morbidity and Mortality conferences.

Responding to an Active Shooter

Training for central Indiana healthcare workers on how to respond if an active shooter enters their workplace. Learn more by visiting the MESH Coalition.

Safety as a System: A Perspective From The Bottom Up


Clinical Learning Environment Review

Objectives: (1) Describe the purpose of CLER visits, (2) Understand the structure of CLER visits, (3) Understand the 6 focus areas, (4) Recall what question could be asked during a CLER visit, (5) Understand what initiatives are being utilized to improve the clinical learning environment, and (6) Explore possible program specific initiatives related to the clinical learning environment.

Institute of Healthcare Improvement Open School

Online courses in patient safety, improvement capability, quality/cost/value, person and family centered care, population health, and leadership. The Institute of Healthcare Improvement also offers a collection of free resources – improvement stories, videos, publications, tools, audio clips, and activities. To be free for students, residents, and teaching faculty: designate “Teacher/Professor”, “Intern or Resident” or “Student” when registering online.

Additional Resources

Physician High Reliability Quality Improvement Training: A Spectrum Health representative will come to didactic sessions or grand rounds whenever there are at least 10 physicians for training. To schedule, contact Kristine Pohlmann.

TeamSTEPPS: Team strategies and tools to enhance performance and patient safety.

Ebola Education: This online ebola education module was created by the American Hospital Association for healthcare providers and institutions.