Intimidation And Patient Safety

Professionalism: The Moving Target

Objectives: (1) Define professionalism, (2) Explain why we need to teach professionalism, (3) Describe professionalism to learners as specific expected behaviors, (4) Recognize that as values change, so will our definition of professionalism, and (5) Identify several current hot topics in professionalism.

Patient as Teacher: Together is Better

Objectives: (1) Define patient and family centered care, (2) Explain framework for providing exceptional care through a consumer perspective using high impact behaviors, (3) Discuss ways to build trust and respect, and (4) Consider how knowledge and habits may support or interfere with patient and family centered care.

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care

Cleveland Clinic (2013)
A powerful four minute video that leaves viewers with an understanding of the meaning of empathy.