Educating Mentoring Learners

Effective Clinical Teaching

Pam Jager, Spectrum Health Director of Education & Development, Office of Medical Education; Adapted from Dr. Todd Guth, U.C. Denver and Dr. Sneha Shah, University of Massachusetts Memorial; One Minute Preceptor slides adapted from Dr. Colleen Bush’ presentation.

Objectives: (1) Understand traditional teaching methods compared to effective clinical teaching models, (2) Reflect upon the characteristics of a good clinical teacher, (3) Be familiar with the One Minute Preceptor clinical teaching model.


Written Feedback

Objectives: (1) Review critical importance of written feedback, (2) Enhance written feedback skills, and (3) Share written feedback tips using PGY 1-5 leveled objectives.

Strategies in Clinical Teaching

The University of Kansas School of Medicine provides mini-modules on common teaching strategies, each designed to provide practical information on teaching in the community setting.

Tough Talk: Helping Doctors Approach Difficult Conversations

The University of Washington offers a teaching communication skills toolbox for medical educators.

Residents as Teachers

Presented by Angie Busch MD, PhD, Community Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

  • Residents as Teachers presentation
  • The Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine offers modules that emphasize the teaching of medical students, though they can be applied to other learners as well. Each module includes a brief 10 to 15 minute introductory presentation that highlights the key teaching strategies. Modules are supplemented with additional cases and/or teaching tools.

Understanding Generational Differences

Objectives: (1) Describe generational differences and conflicting values, (2) Understand the impact of generational differences on education (3) Create a generationally friendly hospital and educational environment, and (4) Optimize collaboration amongst faculty and learners to improve education, mentoring, and teamwork.